About us

Shipyard is located on right bank of the Danube river, at an artificial lake created between river dams "Iron Gate / Djerdap I" and "Iron Gate / Djerdap II".
Its strategic position, advantages of river level control and full range of shipyard equipment enable uninterrupted and quick interventions both on inland and river/sea vessels. Ship lifting capacity of syncrolift-type slipway is all the way up to 3650 tons, and it can lift vessels up to 140m in length and 22m wide.
Main activities of Shipyard Kladovo are shipbuilding, ship repairs, ship conversion (especially single skin river tankers to double skin vessels), overhauling of vessels as well as production of equipment and objects for both inland shipping and off-shore industries.

Shipyard Kladovo offers extensive experience in shipbuilding as well as repair, conversion and overhaul services for various types of watercrafts. A full range of shipyard equipment and specialized workforce will swiftly and successfully complete even the most complex of tasks, while maintaining paramount quality of work.

Entering into this industry, Shipyard Kladovo accepted clearly defined obligations to the society, but also professional obligations for shipyard development based upon well established business principles. Only by education of employees at all levels it is possible for Shipyard Kladovo to respond to modern market challenges, indicating that development of each employee and company development in global are mutually complementing, tightly bonded factors.

Shipyard Kladovo is majorly owned by Dutch company Gebr. de Jonge (www.shipbuildingservice.nl). Owners of the company, brothers Reinder and Lambert Gerrit de Jonge are well known in the shipbuilding market as people who keep their word when it comes to all aspects of ship building. Together with the management of Shipyard Kladovo, clients wishes are respected, in all aspects of building quality, terms of delivery and competitiveness of price.

Our motto says it all: We say what we do and we do what we say!