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About Us

Shipyard Kladovo offers extensive experience in newbuilding, as well as repairing, conversion, refit and overhaul services for various types of watercraft. A full range of equipment and specialized workforce will swiftly and successfully complete even the most complex of tasks, while maintaining a paramount quality of work.

These are some of the advantages of trusting your project to Shipyard Kladovo:

  • In business since 2006, this company is standing on shoulders of a shipbuilding tradition in this region which spans many decades.
  • Its location in Serbia, an EU candidate country, offers broad access to the community market and a range of economic benefits.
  • Strategic placement at Danube river kilometer 935, between dams "Iron Gate I" and "Iron Gate II", enables well-controlled water levels, which permit lifting and launching vessels of virtually any draught, year-round.
  • Shiplift platform attached to a traverser system, connecting multiple building berths, allows for simultaneous work to be carried out on several ships of up to 3650 tons in weight, 140m long and 22m wide.

Shipyard Kladovo is owned by Gebr. de Jonge B.V., a Dutch family-owned business who are well known in shipbuilding market for keeping their word in all respects.

In synergetic relationship with Kladovo shipyard, this means that clients' wishes are upheld without compromise – especially when it comes to the build quality, delivery conditions and pricing competitiveness.

Accepting their obligations both to the world of shipping, as well as to a wider community, Gebr. de Jonge pride themselves on personal, professional and technical development; sustainabile shipbuilding and building sustainable ships; as well as challenging accepted wisdoms and reaping rewards from new technologies.

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We are offering a full range of shipbuilding and ship repairing services. Contact us for more details.


Building a fleet of vessels from a single design is less of a challenge with the right partners


When you require a bespoke ship, whether one based on an existing design, or a first of its kind


Regulations and markets change all the time - and your ship can adapt to those changes


Incidents happen, as well as the usual wear and tear... but we can return (almost) anything to working order

Refits and Overhauls

Modernization and improvements are keys to getting the maximum out of your existing vessels


Taking a ship out of water is sometimes necessary, and we are there to assist in this process

Something else?

If your requirements do not fit any of the usual categories – or if you need a balanced approach, combining several of our services on offer – reach out to us. Together, we will find the best solution possible for your particular request.

Quick turnaround

From an idea to a ship setting sail, in a matter of months

Integrated process

We offer in-house solutions for most of your needs, and partner with the top companies in business to achieve the best results


No project is without its challenges; we thrive on learning and finding solutions

Guaranteed quality

Many completed projects and satisfied clients are our warranty

What we have achieved so far


Satisfied Clients



+ t

Steel Processed Annually


Hard Workers


This is but a small part of our shipbuilding portfolio from last several years.

Ab Initio

Training ship, 66,60 x 8,20 meter

Blue Olivia

Tanker, 110 x 11,45 meter

Hegemann V

Dredger, 75,90 x 15,80 meter


Asphalt tanker, 135 x 17,50 meter

Gouwenaar II

Cargo ship, 90 x 10,50 meter


Tanker, 85 x 9,60 meter

Endurance II

Tanker, 110 x 11,45 meter

Blue Nathalie

Tanker, 110 x 11,45 meter

Dettmer Tank 120

Tanker, 86 x 9,60 meter

Flexfueler 002

Bunkering barge, 76 x 11,45 meter


Tanker, 86 x 9,60 meter


Tanker, 86 x 9,60 meter

Rio Grande

Cargo ship (refit), 69,70 x 11,08 meter

Kuldipsingh 02

Pusher, 16 x 7,50 meter

Somtrans XXVII

Tanker, 135x17,5 meter


Pusher, 19,8 x 9,65 meter

Inge II

Cargo ship, 88 x 11,45 meter


Tanker, 110 x 11,45 meter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which types of watercraft do you build?

    We usually build comparatively large inland vessels, mostly dry cargo and tanker ships, between 85 and 135 meters long. However, we have been known to take on very different projects. Passenger ships, stainless steel tankers, various barges, platforms, pontoons, constructions for offshore industry, and even pleasure craft are all within our scope of experience. We have also produced building kits for other shipyards!

  • Two main reasons: easy transport of built vessel to ports in Western Europe, using inland waterways, as well as broad access to the European Community markets, allowing for very low overhead costs associated with customs and taxes. Skilled craftsmen and familiar business ethics are also a plus.

  • The first step is contacting us with the requested scope of services, as well as the intended (dry-)docking period. We strive to accommodate most requests, however, we tend to prioritise the newbuilding operations. That being said, all our years of expertise and skills in ship repair are at your disposal. Let us know what we can do for you.


Location & Contact

Give us a call, send us a message or drop by for a visit. We are looking forward to making your acquaintance!


Đerdapski put bb (PAK 619151)
19320 Kladovo, Serbia


Main Office: +381 19 801 024
(Mon-Fri 07h-15h)

Company data:

VAT no. (PIB): RS-104676201
Registry no. ( 20207019

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